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Discover Umngazi


Umngazi is the place to actively engage your sense of adventure, because whether you’re out there or inside, you’ll discover the most remarkable things. This is the real Wild Coast where nature invites you to experience it through interaction with its land, sea and people. This is a place of real experiences that have a lasting impression.

Our wide variety of facilities and services are geared up to make your Umngazi experience a unique adventure like nowhere else. You’ll find them flexible and uncompromisingly accommodating to suit your every need.

Our Facilities

The Spa

Set on the Umngazi hillside, you will be treated to a secluded, tranquil experience, with breathtaking views of the coastline below, while our dedicated, professional therapists are on hand with a full range of spa treatments to revive your mind, body and soul.

The monthly spa promos will be sent to you via email prior to your arrival.

Umngazi Kids Club

With activities such as Dune Surfing, Mullet Cruises a Slippery Slide, your little ones at Umngazi are promised mounds of adventure.

If you would like time to yourself to unwind or have a well-deserved romantic evening, our enthusiastic entertainment team are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your stay with us.

Keep an eye out for the activity boards located at reception.

Umngazi Kids Club

Children’s Dining Room (ages 5 years and under)

Babies and toddlers can be fed in this special dining room outside of dining times, to fit in with your usual feeding routines. For you that means no mess, no fuss.

The Children’s TV Lounge

A cozy and relaxed area for kids to come together and enjoy some scheduled screenings of their favourite programmes (you know; loud, colourful, make no sense to adults).

Umngazi Kids Club

Our Creative Corner

A colourful and bright area designed to stimulate the creativity and imagination of your little Van Goghs.

The Trampoline and Playground

Always a fun outdoor option to keep children active and healthy.

Our wonderful local Pondo ladies offer their child-caring services at an hourly or daily rate, which ensures that you can relax in the comfort of knowing your child is in excellent care.

Mountain Biking

If you enjoy going on trail rides then we invite you to bring your bike along with you and explore the many, beautiful trail rides we have on offer. Please note that bikes are not provided, so please bring your own. An information board, containing all Umngazi’s details and emergency cell phone number, is provided per bike in case of an accident or if lose your way amongst one of our many trails. Each rider is asked to pay R150 (as a once-off fee/ cost) to the local community to keep the routes clear and well maintained.


The Wild Coast is known for its rugged coastline, good fishing and abundant seafood. Frequently caught fish species include: Salmon, Musselcracker, Grunter and Rock Cod (from the shore), as well as Red Steenbras, Daggeraad and Yellow Tail (deep sea). You hire local help in the form of Gilllies, who will help you explore and fish river banks, the beach and rocky outcrops.

Rules and Regulations
Umngazi is an eco-friendly destination and we adhere strictly to the seasonal and licensing laws of South Africa. Should you require any clarity on these regulations, please do not hesitate to enquire at reception.



Heavy tackle fishing from the deep water points is normally good during the Summer months. Bronze Bream, Black Tail the odd Brusher in gullies/white water. Bait prawns, crab red bait.


The first two months should produce some Cob. Garrick and Shad as the sardines arrive. From July onwards, the Cob, Garrick Shad are normally plentiful. Live bait is preferred. From August until October, the Garrick are very big and August is the best month for cob.



Good light tackle fishing including fly-fishing can be experienced in Umngazi Umngazana estuaries. Varieties include Spotted Grunter, Cob, Perch, Skipjack, Garrick Kingfish. Live bait, prawns, sardines are all good. Your fly shop can advise on good salt water flies & drop shot lures.


Good fishing in most of the estuaries. Some produce decent Garrick, Spotted Grunter Cob. If the mouth seals up because of drought and Winter seas; estuary fishing slacks off.

Birding at Umngazi

Surrounded with some of the finest birdlife the east coast of Southern Africa has to offer, Umngazi boasts a variety of walks and hikes that will shine light on the extensive array of birds that would quench the thirst of any enthusiast!

Another must is our Sunset Cruise as it so graciously offers the opportunity to see the resident African Fish Eagle in action. Visit our reception to get the full bird list that our little piece of paradise, on The Real Wild Coast, has to offer.

More Activities

Sunset Cruise

Surrounded by rolling verdant hillsides, bursting with the rich Wild Coast biodiversity, the Sunset Cruise offers a truly unforgettable experience! Join us for a relaxing trip up the Umngazi river, just before the sun kisses the horizon, where guests can completely unwind to the sound of lapping water and the call of the resident African Fish Eagles. To compliment and complete the experience of the Sunset Cruise, an array of succulent snacks and a selection of chilled beverages will be provided.

River Breakfast

Umngazi looks to provide ‘creative dining with a difference’, and uses original ideas to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Our river breakfast is just one of the many alternative gastronomic experiences offered at Umngazi.

A short ferry cruise or paddle up the river in the still, early morning will take you to a secluded destination where your buffet breakfast is set out amid the morning sights and sounds of the vibrant indigenous coastal bush.

Umngazi Mouth (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 75, Port st Johns
Wild Coast, Eastern Cape
South Africa 5120

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