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I highly recommend Graham Legal, PA. Dillon and Marilyn along with the rest of the team really care about you and not just your case. Graham Legal defended my family on a wrongful lawsuit. Something that no one really knows what its like until you [ ]

Veronica Brizuela

I am truly grateful to Dillon Graham and the staff at his office for their wonderful work and attention to detail regarding my case. Mr. Graham had been fighting for my case for over 18 months and succeeded in getting my foreclosure suit dismissed. His [ ]

Carmelo F. Mastroeli

I have been using the services of Graham Legal for approximately five years and I have to say I am very pleased with the work they have done for me and my situation. Graham Legal, P.A represents class, professionalism, and expertise in the area of [ ]

Deidra Franco, Hollywood FL

Mr. Dillon Graham has been my foreclosure defense attorney for the past three years on four properties that I have. Mr. Graham successfully defended my cases on two properties and got voluntary dismissals on both at trials. We received the voluntary withdrawals on the other [ ]

Mai McBride, Client (Palm Coast, FL)

Dillon Graham has represented us on 3 foreclosure actions for the past 3 yrs. He was successful in getting the foreclosure action dismissed on two of our investment properties. We are currently in litigation on the third property, but feel we will prevail on this [ ]

Orlando Colon Sara Mendez

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